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AT CHURCH WORSHIP : : Sunday | 9:30am [Praise Music at 9:15am]

ONLINE VIDEO WORSHIP : : Streaming Live on YouTube Sunday Morning

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Would you like to attend one of our services online?

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Would you like to learn more about how to Mature In Christ? Follow Him and His ways?

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Interested in serving? Learn about our church structure and how you can serve our community and beyond.


Services: 9:30 - 10:30am
Praise Music: 9:15am
: : Choir : : practice @ 8:30am
Kids & Adults Kids Classes only on the first Sunday of the month (ages 5-18).  
Next class May 5th More information HERE
Middle School & High School Youth meet in Pat’s Office at 11am. 
: : DINNER : : 
Next dinner is on
April 17th
at 5:30pm

before Session meets at 6pm.

: : April 
17th : :
Men's Group
Men's Breakfast Group meets at 7am at FPCC. April 17th, Men's Group, 7am, FPCC
: : April 17th : :
Session Meeting

Dinner will be served in Buswell Hall at 5:30, then Session will meet at 6pm. 
April 17th, Session, 6pm, FPCC

: : April 27th : :
Tree Trimming Groundskeeping
Buildings and Grounds is having their annual Tree Trimming and Church Yard Cleanup! When: April 27th, 2024, Time: 8:30am,
Where: Front of FPCC.
BONUS! Lunch will be provided!
Please bring gloves and rakes.

April 27th, Trim, 8:30am, FPCC

: : Youth & Adult Pack Trips : :
Coming Up in June...

Openings are available for the Youth Trip! Call the church for more details: 307.587.2647.
Youth: June 17th – June 20th
June 25th – June 28th 

Orientation Meeting:
May 8th at 5:00pm at FPCC



: : Worship Service Video : :
April 14th, 2024 - video link above.

“Living in Holy Awe” - What is the most important thing for people to know? How would you answer that question? That's the question a Romanian journalist asked a Christian writer at a live video broadcast over the nation of Romania. Of course, that is a country that is under rigid and oppressive communist rule. They are a people that are enduring unspeakable suffering. Or, what about us? We live in a different country, we live in a different time, we have different circumstances and yet some of the similar common suffering. We suffer grief and loss, we struggle with disappointments, sorrows, and crisis and frightening health test results. Exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and worry. And, so, what is the most important thing for a soul to ultimately know? The answer? The thing, the truth you and most need to know is this, at the heart of the universe is the face of God's smiling love on you, over you. And, that is the answer the Christian writer gave to the Romanian journalist. What is most important in this world is about a love that is unconditional. The unconditional love of God. The most important headline is that the heart of God is for you and for me. The most important reality is that nothing can ever happen to change the reality of God's love for you. For God so loved the world, God so loved you and me, that...Worship Video HERE.

 : : LIVE STREAM : : 
We livestream our services via our YouTube channel! For livestream feed click HERE.

Visit our sermons page for an archive of past sermons. You can also visit our YouTube Channel

Welcome to FPCC
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What is a Christian Church? Simply put, a Church is a group of people who have recognized that, in Jesus Christ, God has revealed a more excellent way for people to live. Click HERE to read more...


"Our church is a family where people lean on each other in times of need. It is lead by a highly intelligent biblical scholar who is compassionate , knows what hard work is and is as down to Earth as a ditch digger."


Tyler Henry,

congregant & past Elder

"What I like about our church is it is the first church I have ever gone to that I knew it was the right place for me.  FPCC gave me the second family I needed but never knew I was missing."


Cathy Aardema, congregant, past Elder, current Clerk of Session

"I love that our church is family—a wonderfully diverse group of people with varieties of perspectives which is unified by the goal of sharing worship and learning to walk in the way of Christ. The church gives me a way of serving which I couldn’t find otherwise." 


Vieune Revolinski, congregant, past Elder, past Deacon

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