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AT CHURCH WORSHIP : : Sunday | 9:30am [Praise Music at 9:15am]

ONLINE VIDEO WORSHIP : : Streaming Live on YouTube Sunday Morning

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Would you like to attend one of our services online?

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Would you like to learn more about how to Mature In Christ? Follow Him and His ways?

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Interested in serving? Learn about our church structure and how you can serve our community and beyond.


Services: 9:30 - 10:30am
Praise Music: 9:15am
: : Choir : : practice @ 8:30am
Kids & Adults Kids Classes only on the first Sunday of the month (ages 5-18).  
Next class March 3rd.  More information HERE
Middle School & High School Youth meet in Pat’s Office after worship. 
Adult Christian Ed. Sundays 
: : Study of the book of Daniel : : 
Sundays 11am to 12pm in the Parlor.  
: : DINNER : : 
Next dinner is on
February 21st
at 5:30pm

before Session meets at 6pm.


: : Men's Breakfast Group : : 
 : : Meet at church : :
Every other week, next up: February 21st, 7am,
Book Study and good food! Questions? Contact Phil Farman or Pat Montgomery.

: : Congregational Meeting
 : :  
: : Sunday, February 25th, immediately after worship service. Discussing 2023 Report
February 25th, 10:30am, FPCC
Looking ahead to March 1st...
: : World Day of Prayer : :  
: : Cody United Methodist Church (CUMC) : :
Lunch will be provided after the service
March 1st, CUMC, 12pm

EVENTS: February 2024


: : Worship Service Video : :
February 18th, 2024 - video link above.

“Decalogue” - The author of our most recent men's book study book was a Jewish person. One of the many topics that came up for discussion was Sabbath, and Sabbath keeping, because this person spoke a lot about what Sabbath keeping meant for her. To be honest I was a bit surprised, I don't think confusion is the right word, at how much discussion and difference of opinion many had about Sabbath keeping. It got me to thinking about why, when I'm teaching kids, I don't like to use memorization. And, if you're of a certain age you know that half of what you did in a confirmation class was memorize things. Well, I memorized 'The Lord's Prayer' or I memorized the Ten Commandments or I memorized John 3:16. The reason I kind of hesitate to do that is because once we memorize something we say to ourselves, 'I know that.' I memorized the Ten Commandments I can say the Ten Commandments so I know them. Well, 'No I don't.' It means I know the words it doesn't mean I know what they mean and it doesn't mean that I know how to apply them to my life. So, it got me to thinking about people's familiarity or unfamiliarity with the Commandments in general. With that in mind, for Lent this year I decided to do a short series on the Ten Commandments. But first, a definition...Worship Video HERE.

 : : LIVE STREAM : : 
We livestream our services via our YouTube channel! For livestream feed click HERE.

Visit our sermons page for an archive of past sermons. You can also visit our YouTube Channel

Welcome to FPCC
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What is a Christian Church? Simply put, a Church is a group of people who have recognized that, in Jesus Christ, God has revealed a more excellent way for people to live. Click HERE to read more...


"Our church is a family where people lean on each other in times of need. It is lead by a highly intelligent biblical scholar who is compassionate , knows what hard work is and is as down to Earth as a ditch digger."


Tyler Henry,

congregant & past Elder

"What I like about our church is it is the first church I have ever gone to that I knew it was the right place for me.  FPCC gave me the second family I needed but never knew I was missing."


Cathy Aardema, congregant, past Elder, current Clerk of Session

"I love that our church is family—a wonderfully diverse group of people with varieties of perspectives which is unified by the goal of sharing worship and learning to walk in the way of Christ. The church gives me a way of serving which I couldn’t find otherwise." 


Vieune Revolinski, congregant, past Elder, past Deacon

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